September 29, 2023

ECZ G9 Civics Past Exams

The Grade 9 Civics curriculum in Zambia, offered by the Examinations Council of Zambia (ECZ), is designed to provide students with a foundational understanding of civic education and government processes.

This subject aims to equip students with knowledge about the political system, governance, citizenship, and civic responsibilities.

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ECZ Civics
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ECZ Civics
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ECZ Civics
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ECZ Civics
ECZ Civics

Below are some key topics and areas typically covered in the Grade 9 Civics curriculum:

  1. Introduction to Civics: Understanding the meaning and importance of civic education.

  2. Government and Political Systems: An overview of different forms of government (e.g., democracy, monarchy, dictatorship).

  3. Citizenship and Rights: The concept of citizenship and the rights and responsibilities of citizens.

  4. Elections and Political Participation: The electoral process, including voter registration, campaigning, and voting.

  5. Constitutional Law: An introduction to the Zambian Constitution and its significance.

  6. Local Government and Decentralization: Understanding local government structures and their functions.

  7. Civic Values and Ethics: Promoting civic values such as honesty, integrity, and tolerance.

  8. Zambian History and Heritage: Promoting civic values such as honesty, integrity, and tolerance.

  9. Current Affairs and Global Issues: Discussion of contemporary issues, both national and international.

The Grade 9 Civics curriculum in Zambia aims to foster responsible citizenship, democratic values, and an understanding of the country's political and social context

It prepares students to actively engage in civic life, make informed decisions, and contribute positively to their communities and the nation

Teachers and educational resources provided by the ECZ or the Ministry of General Education in Zambia can offer additional guidance and materials to support students in their studies.