May 25, 2022

Creative & Technology Studies (CTS) Grade 7 ECZ Past Papers

In Zambia, the education system typically follows a structure that includes Creative and Technology Studies as part of the curriculum for Grade 7.

Creative and Technology Studies (CTS) is a subject that combines elements of creativity and technology to develop practical skills and knowledge in areas such as design, craft, and basic technology.

Creative & Technology Studies (CTS) Past Papers
ECZ Creative & Technology Studies
ECZ Creative & Technology Studies
ECZ Creative & Technology Studies
ECZ Creative & Technology Studies
ECZ Creative & Technology Studies

Here's a general overview of what Grade 7 students in Zambia may study in the Creative and Technology Studies subject:

  1. Design and Drawing: Students may learn the fundamentals of design and drawing, including basic techniques for sketching and creating visual representations of objects and ideas.

  2. Craft Skills: This may involve hands-on activities like paper folding, origami, basic sewing, and other craft-related skills. Students may learn to create items using various materials.

  3. Basic Technology: Basic technology concepts may be introduced, such as understanding simple machines, tools, and how they work. Students may also learn about safety procedures when using tools and equipment.

  4. Practical Projects: Students might engage in practical projects where they apply the skills and knowledge they've learned in class to create items or solve simple technical problems.

  5. Creativity and Innovation: Emphasis may be placed on fostering creativity and innovation, encouraging students to think critically and come up with creative solutions to problems..

  6. Safety: Safety rules and practices are often an important part of CTS education, ensuring that students are aware of potential hazards and how to mitigate them.
  7. Environmental Awareness: In some cases, CTS may also include lessons on environmental sustainability and how technology and creativity can be used in eco-friendly ways.